Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wabi-Sabi Cabinets

Robert made some changes to the curriculum this year including the Wabi-sabi cabinet exercise. Meaning 'beauty in imperfection', this exercise gives the students a chance to apply fundamental skills gained throughout the first semester of classes.

Starting with the process of carefully choosing grain graphics, the students learn how to mill their poplar planks into cabinet parts. Once they cooper and shape the concave door with the coopering planes made earlier in the year, the carcass of the cabinet is doweled together.
Often times a unique cabinet design will call for custom hinges, the students are taught to make all their own hardware to save the cost and headache of having them made.
Shelves and drawer pockets are planned out with 'let go', surfaces are hand planed and shellac finish is applied before the sides, top and bottom are glued together.
The students learn how to fit and install the door, make and fit dovetailed drawers and frame and panel back panels. Finally they experiment with carving pulls for the drawer and door and do a little more work with brass to make the wall-hangers.

Here they are showing the finished product with pride.









The only picture we could get of our camera-shy Michal O and his cabinet.

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