Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Neil presents the "His and Her's" Cabinet

At Inside Passage we are taught that the quality of our work comes first. Taking the time to get every detail just right left a few of us staying behind to finish our projects after the 9 month program had ended. Unfortunately this meant that many of us were not able to present our finished pieces to the class. Being back for a second year allowed Neil the opportunity to present his "His and Her's" to this year's class.

Neil's chose woods that complimented each other harmoniously. Mahogany for the cabinet and Kwila for the stand.
When asked what his favorite part of the process was, Neil told us it was the dovetails. Pressed for time before the show, he put his head down and got them done without compromising the workmanship.

Neil showed his mock-up of the cabinet in the presentation. It is always interesting to compare the two when the piece is completed and see how the design evolved through the process.

 Be sure to check out the work Neil has done at Inside Passage.  Each alumni of Inside Passage has a page to exhibit the work they do here.  You can access these pages through the Inside Passage website.  Neil's page is at

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  1. Looking sharp there Neil! Cabinet and portrait heh ;)
    I'm happy to see the finished piece after you working on it right over my shoulder for so long.