Saturday, October 10, 2009

Steve's Presentation

Toward the end of his Craftsman year at Inside Passage, Steve began a hall table of Walnut and Curly Maple.  It was an ambitious project to take on with such little time in the program, but it was his fifth project that first year (most accomplish two projects).

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Steve set out to make this veneer construction table with eight curved front drawers, all having a unique angle where the front dovetails meet the sides.  This required a separate chopping block for each drawer and seemingly endless preparation.  The glue-ups alone were enough to frustrate even the most tenured of woodworkers.

The mirror he whipped up in only a few days toward the end of this past week.  He presented the piece Friday afternoon in the benchroom of the school.

We have started a new tradition here at Inside Passage.  When a resident craftsman/woman completes a project, the other resident craftsmen provide the food and beverages for their presentation.  Barb, Jason and Neil provided some good treats and the first year craftsman stood in awe as Steve gave them a peek into his abilities and work ethic.

As you can see, the results were worth the effort.  Steve has once again raised the bar for his peers here at the school and is already underway designing a showcase cabinet. (Updates to follow in future posts)  Enjoy!!!



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